Companies (with image or customer attitude problems) can greatly benefit from knowing what their customers think and how the company might improve products or services.

The data regularly monitors the perceptions & needs of the customer base. Such surveys frequently give advance warning of problems in terms of customers' product or service needs; changes in the competitive situation as new products and competitors enter or leave the market; developments in technology and the evolution of the technical requirements of customers; et cetera. The Customer Surveys are also an extremely effective way to independently monitor the effectiveness of the marketing; the results of advertising & sales promotion activity and the effectiveness of the salesforce or distribution network. The Surveys of the Target Company are given as a MATRIX which includes each of the Company's major areas of operation, viz, subsidiaries, divisions, brands, product groups and market sectors. The matrix is given in two separate data sets of up to fifteen of these groupings.

PERFORMANCE: Credibility, Customer Confidence, Reputation, Staff Efficiency & Performance, Integrity, Truth + Honesty, Written + Verbal Communications, Customer service - Handling - Complaints - Problems, Comprehension + Awareness of Product, Customer Response + Information, Promotion, Advertising, Documentation, Contracts. Current & Forecast Data.

STATUS, STANDING, COMPETITIVENESS: Operations, Manpower, Costs, Margins, Products, Managers, Corporate, Distribution, Customers, Marketing, Competition, Reputation, Promotion, Competence. Current & Forecast Data.

THE SURVEYS: Over 600 vital questions answered in these surveys. Analysis isolates the person behind the purchase decisions (at various levels) and analyses the situation before, during and after the purchase.

END USERS + CONSUMERS: Figures by EACH Country, Company, Division by each CONSUMER Question.

BUYERS: Figures for Buyers by EACH Country, Company, Division by each BUYER Question.

CONSUMER OR BUYER LEVEL: The Buyer Profile is a matrix by YEAR & by AGE GROUP (7 ranges) by SOCIAL CLASS (6 ranges) by GEOGRAPHIC Location. Current & Forecast Data.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: for EACH Country, Company, Division by each DISTRIBUTION Question.

INDUSTRY PERFORMANCE: Analyses of a large number of questions on the specific Performance of the Companies within the Industry.

NATIONAL SURVEYS: National Surveys are given to enable one to compare and evaluate the Company's survey results with the National averages and norms. National Surveys can also be regarded as being the Competitive averages for each National market - thus one can see the relative performance of the Target Company in the market-place. In competitive markets, Image and Customer Surveys on the Company's competitors isolate and identify problem areas for the competitors and thereby identify opportunities for the Target Company. National Surveys cover all the topics mentioned above for the Target Company Image Surveys.

COMPANY SURVEYS: The information shown in this section is based on the results of surveys and similar research amongst the Customers, Branch Networks & Distribution Channels, Buyers and Suppliers of the Target Company. The data is given relative to the Subsidiary, Division, Unit or Market sectors.