This section has a DATABASE analysis of the various aspects of the Company's short term tactical issues and relative performance in the Market-Place. The data is given as a matrix by Subsidiary, Division, Unit or Market sector.

Market Values for the Target Company

Conclusions on the Company's Products

Product & Market Segmentation: Pricing, Quality, Availability, Performance Variances, Technological & Technical Factors, Warranty Variances, Service Factors, Product Fragmentation, Convenience Factors, Distribution Factors, Customer Factors, Psychographics, Branding, Multi-Branding, Market Stretching


Pricing & Pricing Structures: Recommendations on Pricing

Salesforce Requirements: Comments on Salesforce & Recommendations

Marketing Back-up for Salesforce & Distribution Networks

The Market-Place for the Target Company: Customer Base -v- Distribution Channels

Routes to the Company's Market: Distribution Recommendations

Distribution Logistics & Distribution Support Systems: The Distribution Control System - Facilities, Network, et cetera

Distribution & Handling Costs

Inventory & Sales/Stock Levels & Norms

Buying & Service Promptness Norms

Warranty & After-Sales Services: Warranty & After-Sales Cost: Rating of the Company's Warranty & After-Sales Services

Advertising & Sales Promotion: Advertising & Sales Promotion Costs

End User Targets, End User Factors

Relative Quality Demanded by End User Sectors

Branding & the Company's Products

Joint Ventures for the Target Company

Short Term Investment Areas for the Target Company.