Turnover, Profitability, Productivity, Market Shares, Awareness + Perceptions, Rating, Sales, Advertising, Products, Competence, Quality, Pricing, Competitors, Performance, Superiority, Service, Customer Base, Costs, Margin, Distribution.

FINANCIAL FORECAST:  90 pages of Financial + Accounts Data.

OPERATIONAL FORECAST:  Operating Finances, Margins + Costs.

The Financial & Operational Data forecasts given make the following assumptions:-

1. Forecasts are based on an interaction of all external factors including:
a) Market Growth (Medium + Long Term),

b) Competitive Factors &

c) Industry Factors

2. Forecasts assume 'ceteris paribus' in terms of internal factors.

3. The forecast assumptions use Competitor databases to forecast changes in competitive situations which will affect the Target Company

THE INDUSTRY: Figures given by EACH COUNTRY, STATE, REGION by YEAR. Structure: Concentration: Immediate Customer Base Profile: Employment: Cost Structure: Inventory Structure: Capital Expenditure Structure: Industry Finances.

MARKETING FORECASTS:  Marketing + Competitive Forecast & Analysis.

SHORT TERM STRATEGY + TACTICS: Product Markets, Product Conclusions, Product & Market Price, Segmentation, Quality, Availability, Performance Variances, Technological & Technical Factors, Service, Product Fragmentation, Distribution, Customer Factors, Psychographics, Market Stretching, Merchandising, Pricing, Selling, Marketing Back-up, Market-places, Customer Base, Distribution, Market Routes, Distribution Logistics, Control Systems, Distribution, Handling Costs, Advertising + Sales Promotion, End User Targets, End User Factors, End User Sectors, Joint Ventures, Short Term Investment.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS:  The basis of the Competitive analysis is the comparison of the Target Company and the competitors which exist in the major Trade Cell markets and industries in which the Company operates. The comparison is made in terms of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Target Company and its major competitors who together account for 80% of the cumulative Market Share in the Trade Cell. The data is gained from research into the Company's Customer and Distribution Channel Bases as well as those of the other major competitors in each of the Trade Cell markets. The forecasted performance of the Target Company is a function of the Company's strengths and weaknesses in relation to that of its Competitors.

TACTICAL ANALYSIS: The tactical analysis is designed to review, analyse and isolate certain critical tactical questions which indicate the short term prospects for the Target Company. These issues are fundamental to the profitability of the Target Company and will indicate the performance during the next six years.

SHORT TERM TACTICAL ISSUES: A DATABASE analysis of various aspects of the Company's short term tactical issues and relative performance in the Market-Place. The data is given as a matrix by Subsidiary, Division, Unit or Market sector.