Figures for Products are given:-
              by EACH COUNTRY / STATE / REGION
              by YEAR.

PRODUCT FACTORS:  Quality. Approvals. Design factors / design specifications. Physical criteria / physical parameters. R&D costs / development costs / customization. Technology / technology factors & development. Product life / longevity. Performance / product efficiency / product integrity. Reliability / product failure / product defects. Operating criteria / product operation or usage. Probability of technical development / technical. Product life cycle / product obsolescence.

MARKETING FACTORS:  Distribution / warehousing / handling costs. Costs/prices at supplier sale price. Costs/prices at end user / retail sale price. Stock availability / lead times / delivery. Sales promotion & sales costs. Advertising posture & advertising costs. Competition / competitors' aggressiveness & posture. Market share / relative market shares. Seasonality / cyclical demand / demand fluctuations. Sensitivity to economic climate & conditions. After-sales factors.

SUPPLIER FACTORS:  Processing / production / handling facilities & capacity. Processing/ handling capacity / flexibility of plant. Dependence on sub-contractors / in-house supplies. Technical capabilities / new product developments. Technological aptitude & innovations. Other capacity. Own buying influence / economies of scale. Alternative suppliers base. Commitment/capacity of other suppliers. Price advantages & pricing amongst other suppliers. Conditions of sale / terms of trading.

DISTRIBUTION / CUSTOMER INTERFACE FACTORS:  Technical / marketing capabilities & capacity. Distribution facilities & manpower availability. Commitment to other suppliers. Sales volumes / turnover required. Margins / added value. Captive customer base / customers handled. Area/s serviced & geographic coverage. Sales promotion / advertising / salesforce. Effects on existing products & customer base. Cash-flow requirements of distribution channel. Capital requirements.

CUSTOMER FACTORS:  Propensity to consume / demand factors. Product purchase background / past product purchase. Purchasing criteria - commercial. Purchasing criteria - motivational. Purchase price / acquisition costs / product costs. DMU susceptibility / customer awareness.