Total Sales; Domestic Sales; Exports; Pre-tax Profit; Interest Paid; Non-trading Income; Operating Profit; Depreciation; Trading Profit; Fixed Assets; Intangible Assets; Intermediate Assets; Total Fixed Assets; Stocks; Debtors; Other Current Assets; Total Current Assets; Total Assets; Creditors; Short Term Loans; Other Current Liabilities; Total Current Liabilities; Net Assets; Shareholders' Funds; Long Term Loans; Other Long Term Liabilities; Capital Employed; Directors' Remunerations; Employees' Remunerations; Total Employees

New Technology Expenditure; New Physical Process Technology Expenditure; Total Research & Development Expenditure; Plant & Equipment in Use in the range 0-3 years; Plant & Equipment in Use in the range 3-6 years; Plant & Equipment in Use in the range 6-9 years; Plant & Equipment in Use: 9+ years old; Plant & Equipment Investment greater than Depreciation; Plant & Equipment Investment Less than Depreciation; Capital Expenditure on Plant & Equipment; Capital Expenditure on Structures; Capital Expenditure - other.

Return on Capital; Return on Assets; Return on Shareholders' Funds; Pre-tax Profit Margins; Operating Profit Margin; Trading Profit Margin; Assets Utilization; Sales as a ratio of Fixed Assets; Stock Turnover; Credit Period; Creditors' Ratio; Working Capital / Sales; Current Ratio; Quick Ratio; Borrowing Ratio; Equity Ratio; Income Gearing; Total Debt as a ratio of Working Capital; Debt Gearing Ratio; Average Remuneration; Profit per Employee; Sales per Employee; Remunerations / Sales; Fixed Assets per Employee; Capital Employed per Employee; Total Assets per Employee; Exports as a % of Sales Materials & Energy Costs; Payroll Costs; Total Process Costs; Sales Costs; Distribution & Handling Costs; Advertising Costs; After-Sales Costs; Total Marketing Costs; Added Value

Capacity Utilization as a measure of Standard Capacity; Relative output of Products of a Superior Quality as a % of the Total; Product Pricing as a % of the Market Average; New Products as a % of the Total Output; Index of Comparative Salesforce & Selling Expenditure; Index of Comparative Advertising Expenditure; Index of Comparative General Promotional Expenditure; Wholesale Customers; End User Customers; OEM & Manufacturing Customers; Consumer & End User Customers; Governmental Customers; Non-Specific Customers.