FINANCIAL DATA:  90 pages of Financial + Accounts Data.

OPERATIONAL DATA:  Operating Finances, Margins + Costs.

THE MARKET:  The Total Market by Country, by State or Region, by Year to 2018.

MARKET CONSUMPTION:  90-100 pages of Market Consumption & Market Trend figures are given by EACH COUNTRY, STATE, REGION by EACH INDUSTRY, PRODUCT Group and/or MARKET Sector by YEAR to 2018. PRODUCT PROFILES: Product Profiles for Each product by country by year to 2018.

Market coverage is designed to encompass not only the existing markets for the Target Company products, but also areas of market expansion, product segmentation, parallel markets, et al. By the same token the data excludes those market areas or sectors which are unavailable to the Company for whatever technical or commercial reasons.

PRODUCT MARKETING: Sales & Selling; Distribution + Handling; Advertising; After-Sales; Marketing

MARKETING: Sales & Selling Costs; Distribution + Handling Costs; Advertising Costs; After-Sales Costs; Total Marketing Costs.

CUSTOMERS + SUPPLIERS + INDUSTRY:   by Regions, Cities & Towns.

PRODUCT INDUSTRIES:  New Technology, Production, Process Investments; P&E in Use; P&E Investments.

PRODUCT INDUSTRY FINANCES:  Profits/ Total Assets; Profit/ Sales; Sales/ Total Assets; Profit/ Capital Employed; Sales/ Employee; Capital Employed/ Employee; Profit/ Employee; Remuneration/ Employee; Sales/ Payroll; Sales/ Stock; Current Ratio; Credit periods.

INDUSTRY:  Technology + Process Investments; P & E in Use + Investments.