Figures for Products are given:-
     by YEAR.

PRODUCT INDUSTRY STRUCTURE:  New technology investments. New production & process investments. Plant & equipment in use: less than 3 years. Plant & equipment in use: 3 - 6 years. Plant & equipment in use: 6 - 9 years. Plant & equipment in use: over 9 years. Plant & equipment investments: less than depreciation. Plant & equipment investments: equal to depreciation. Plant & equipment investments: greater than depreciation.

NEW TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT:  The figures given represent investment in Research & Development into New Technology, Product Technology (in terms of both Products & Services) and other applications of Technology used in the Product industry. The term 'Technology' denotes Technology, Techniques, Improvements, Substitutions and other factors applied to the Product or Services offered by the Product industry.

PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT: The term 'Production Technology' denotes Technologies, Techniques, Processes, Automation, Mechanics, et cetera which are applied to the process, production or other operations (manufacturing, marketing or distribution) of the Product industry.

INDUSTRY CONCENTRATION: The largest 4 companies; the largest 8 companies; the largest 20 companies; the largest 50 companies

INDUSTRY IMMEDIATE CUSTOMER BASE PROFILE:  Wholesale establishments; retail outlets; manufacturers & OEM buyers; government; other immediate customers.

INDUSTRY EMPLOYMENT: Total average Employment.

INDUSTRY COST STRUCTURE: Payroll; materials; value added.

INVENTORY STRUCTURE:  Total inventory; finished products; work in progress; materials.

INDUSTRY CAPITAL EXPENDITURE STRUCTURE:  Total capital expenditure; plant & equipment; buildings & structures: other expenditure.