1000s of Market & Company Reports

      For over 30 years DataGroup and their associated companies have been collecting information on Companies and their Staff, their Products and Markets, their Suppliers and Materials Consumed, their Bankers and Financiers, their Customers and Clients, their Competitors and Industry sectors.

     The collection of data from all available sources has made DataGroup by far the largest repository of commercial information in the world. DataGroup databases are more extensive than any other commercial or government held databases.


    In 1979 DataGroup produced the world's first entirely computer generated Tactical and Strategic Company Report and its scope and contents was instantly acknowledged as being a vital and unparalleled tool for all managers interested in a Tactical and Strategic appraisal of a target company - be that their own company, an acquisition target or a competitor.

     Between 1979 and 1987 DataGroup supplied these reports only to established clients. The main reason being that the DataGroup computers were fully utilized in supplying the demand from existing clients and there was insufficient capacity to enable the reports to be sold more widely. In 1987, because substantial new computer hardware came on-stream, DataGroup was able to offer the Tactical and Strategic Company Reports on a general basis. Between January 1987 and December 1993 DataGroup distributors had supplied more than 30,000 Tactical and Strategic Company Reports to their clients. The reports were quickly recognized as being the most important development in corporate planning for very many years. Since 1993 the distribution of DataGroup reports have been strictly controlled and are no longer available to the general public. These documents and their associated databases are supplied via distributors to their own approved client base.

     The fact is that DataGroup Tactical and Strategic Company Reports are unique and there is no other comparable product available.