This business planning utilities provide users with the tools to produce a detailed Business Plan or Proposal which is based on specific commercial intelligence for the product market and industry in the countries and/or urban areas concerned.  It is able to produce four levels of business planning and support documentation:-


Market Research

Base Data

Business Plan Modules

An Executive Summary which can be used as a Business Plan for a Board or committee budgeting presentation in a corporate situation, or as a Business Proposal when seeking to attract investment from banks, venture capitalists or other parties in entrepreneurial situations. This is a printed document (for which a template is provided) and it is completed by the user.


View the Summary document as a web page to get an overall idea of the format and then open it with Word (as a document) and complete the information necessary.


Documents which are designed to produce a range of function based and operational delineated plans for middle or operational managers.

This information is produced for internal consumption by managers and can be viewed on the company intranet or can be produced as printed manuals for which boilerplates (which are designed to be edited as necessary by the user) are provided.

The documents are also intended to be edited and refined by managers in order to produce detailed tactical and operational plans.

These chapters are also found as Word documents in the DOC folder and they can be edited or modified as necessary to provide customized reports.

Mirror ‘.htm’ files are also provided to allow users to produce a customized intranet site if required.

The base data, reference materials and resources provided are designed to be used (and customized) in order to produce further business planning and logic.

This includes the following:-

1. Market Research

2. Forecast Scenarios

3. Spreadsheet data (.xls)

4. Databases (.mdb)

5. Base data for long term forecasting & modelling.

6. Web files (.html) can be modified by the user.

7. Word files (.doc) can be modified by the user.

8. Manuals can be modified by the user.

9. Reference data

10. Toolkits & Utilities

This is an optional Add-in module.

[This edition does not include this module and users wishing to obtain the relevant report and database modules can order it as an upgrade.]


Details of these modules can be found on the website.