Motor vehicle supplies & parts merchant wholesalers - jobbers Lines




Motor vehicle supplies and new parts merchant wholesalers - jobbers Product Lines

4231202_L1010010111 New automobiles
4231202_L1010010112 Used automobiles
4231202_L1010010114 Motor scooters, mopeds, golf carts, snowmobiles, and utility trailers
4231202_L1012010121 Buses
4231202_L1014010141 New medium trucks and tractors
4231202_L1014010142 Used medium trucks and tractors
4231202_L1014010143 New medium truck bodies
4231202_L1015010151 New heavy trucks
4231202_L1015010152 New heavy truck tractors
4231202_L1015010153 New truck trailers
4231202_L1015010154 New heavy truck bodies
4231202_L1015010155 Used heavy trucks, tractors, and trailers
4231202_L1020010211 Batteries
4231202_L1020010212 Complete engines
4231202_L1020010213 Electrical engine parts, including ignition parts
4231202_L1020010214 Brake parts, including fluid and all disk and drum parts
4231202_L1020010215 Exhaust system parts
4231202_L1020010216 Automotive glass
4231202_L1020010217 Hoses, belts, gaskets, and wiper blades
4231202_L1020010218 Filters, including oil, air, gas, and transmission
4231202_L1020010219 Engine parts, excluding electrical parts
4231202_L1020010221 Body parts and repair materials
4231202_L1020010222 Suspension parts, including shocks, struts, and balljoints
4231202_L1020010223 Other automotive parts and supplies
4231202_L1020010224 Automotive accessories, excluding car stereos and CD players
4231202_L1030010311 New automobile tires and tubes
4231202_L1030010312 Re-treaded and used automobile tires and repair materials
4231202_L1030010313 New truck and bus tires, including industrial, off-road, and farm tractor tires
4231202_L1030010314 Re-treaded and used truck and bus tires and repair materials, including industrial, off-road, and farm tractor tires
4231202_L1140011413 Motors and generators, including motor-generator sets
4231202_L1140011416 Interior wiring, excluding conduit
4231202_L1140011421 Other electrical apparatus and equipment, including fuses and lightning rods
4231202_L1150011512 Radios, stereos, tape players, and CD players
4231202_L1200012015 Other commercial refrigeration equipment and supplies
4231202_L1223012313 Pump and motor parts
4231202_L1230012311 Pumps
4231202_L1237012371 Bearings and bushings
4231202_L1240012411 Hydraulic cylinders and rotary actuators
4231202_L1242012421 Hydraulic and pneumatic connectors
4231202_L1242012422 Hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies
4231202_L1246012462 Abrasives and abrasive materials
4231202_L1540015412 Motor gasoline
4231202_L1540015418 Lubricating oil and greases
4231202_L1970019701 Labor charges for repair work
4231202_L1970019702 Parts installed in repair work
4231202_L1970019703 Other service receipts and labor charges

The Report entitled, Motor vehicle supplies & parts merchant wholesalers - jobbers Lines (Ref: 4231202 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.